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The original since 1983!

The Toolflex System is a range of simple, flexible tool holders for easy storage of handled tools and other items in most settings.

Toolflex is the obvious solution when you need to store a large number of items in a small place.


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Perfect match!

The Toolflex System allows you to easily organise all your tools - both indoors and outdoors.

Our holders are ideal for tools with a handle from 15-40 mm in diameter.

Can grip virtually all shapes - square, triangular, rectangular etc.


Tool holders with full functionality

The Toolflex tool holder only requires a simple, one- handed action to hang up or take down the tool and the ingenious design of the holder also ensures that heavy tools are kept firmly in place. The holders come in packs of two for individual mounting or as a complete kit with a 50cm or 90cm rail.

Watch the demo video!

Or continue reading to find instruction pictures that will show you how easy Toolflex System is to use and mount.

The original since 1983

The story of how Toolflex was developed dates back to 1982. Bengt Forsberg got the initial idea fro Toolflex in conversation with a customer who asked Bengt to manufacture a tool holder based on an existing design. The client was very satisfied with the result, but Bengt immediately realised the potential in developing a better solution.